Established in 2003, Black Mountain Mapping Inc. (BMM) was the product of Dennis Doulos, an Environmental Geoscience Technologist trained in the earth sciences with a specialized focus on GIS mapping.

With over 2 decades experience applying mapping technologies for the mineral exploration sector, Dennis recognized that his skills and knowledge would benefit a variety of industries, including energy, environmental, engineering, forestry, agriculture, tourism, real estate and recreation.

From early stage to development scale projects Black Mountain Mapping assists clients in managing and presenting earth science information.

Gaining valuable experience on field programs around the world Dennis’ data acquisition and management skills were utilized to produce property scale reports and imagery displaying project results for technical staff and investor relations.

The ability to turn streams of numbers into a single image that conveys information in an easy to understand format is Black Mountains Mapping’s strength.

An appreciation of the earth and its geographic structure inspires Dennis to share his understanding of mapping technologies with companies and individuals tasked with displaying and developing spatial knowledge.