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Black Mountain Mapping Inc. (BMM) is involved in a variety of projects, ranging from environmental developments to mineral exploration. Technical software products (ESRI & ERDAS) utilized by BMM provides clients with the most current GIS mapping software and data to facilitate the necessary requirements in a successful project. The following is an overview of some of the projects that Black Mountain Mapping Inc. has been involved with.



Utilizing Google Earth developer tool kits, Black Mountain Mapping Inc. was tasked with creating a custom Google Earth presentation for Indicator Minerals Inc.'s Mohave Copper Project located in north western Arizona.  The presentation features several guided fly through property tours with customized stops and information balloons that allow the user to tour the property interactively, sharing mineral exploration data that highlight significant technical features.



Working closely with the Wineries Refined publication team, customized maps of the Okanagan Valley winery locations were developed displaying featured tour routes.  The Wineries Refined publication features the most detailed Okanagan winery maps for the region.  To view the magazine and the Okanagan winery maps please visit the  Wineries Refined website.



Partnering with the PGA of BC, Black Mountain Mapping Inc. produces and distributes the GOLFING the THOMPSON & OKANAGAN MAP.  Featuring all golf courses from Kamloops down to Osoyoos, the map provides the most comprehensive information base for the Thompson Okanagan golf courses.  Course locations are displayed on a custom earthscape image with detailed listing of facilities and services on the reverse in an easy to use table. Kootenay & Vancouver region golf maps have been developed and are scheduled for distribution by 2012 with a major sponsor.

A custom Google Earth presentation is being developed along side each map product to allow for a unique online user experience.  Users will have the opportunity to tour each region's golf courses, create custom maps and interact with course features and information.


Indicator Minerals Inc

A junior international mineral exploration company, Indicator Minerals came to Black Mountain Mapping Inc. for GIS Systems Management. BMM assisted the newly listed TSX Venture company by compiling and assembling base topographic, technical and historical data for project locations. 

Accountable for ensuring data was available to field teams in required hardcopy and digital formats, BMM facilitated the planning and execution of programs aiding navigation and data collection. Post field support was provided through assembling and integrating laboratory results with sample locations and displaying data for interpreting and reporting purposes.


BHP Billiton

This in-house project consisted of the design and development of mobile GIS/GPS data acquisition systems for water, sediment and rock sampling in the Northwest Territories. Utilizing Trimble GeoExplorer units and customized ESRI ArcPad applications, the mobile systems provided effective and efficient data collection techniques, reducing field time and program costs.


Sea Breeze Power

Black Mountain Mapping Inc. was contracted by Sea Breeze Power to assist the compiling of information to determine the feasibility of a proposed HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) cable project in the San Francisco Bay area.  BMM provided ASTER satellite imagery and compiled topographic, geological, and infrastructure GIS data to enable SeaBreeze Power’s geoscientists to scope out the project feasibility. Consideration was given to the marine environment, land composition and existing infrastructure.


Okanagan Valley Mapping

This in-house project by Black Mountain Mapping Inc. includes compiling data from the region for recreational, tourist and commercial development purposes. Satellite imagery and sophisticated mapping techniques provide an overview of the Okanagan Valley region displaying land use for wineries, golf, skiing and backcountry activities. Information from this study can be used to advertise existing services and determine future expansion and start-up of recreational activities.